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Time to Teach©
The Source for Classroom Management and 
Differentiated Instruction

Every child deserves a world-class teacher who is committed to delivering effective instruction, a teacher with high standards and expectations, a teacher who is kind and caring, and who inspires, and teaches in a meaningful and powerful way. Time To Teach© is a research-based classroom management strategy that tens of thousands of teachers have been using for over four decades in preschool, elementary, middle school and high school classrooms. Putting strategies in place, such as Time To Teach© to address challenging behaviors can mitigate disruptions to classroom instruction. As K-12 schools and early childhood programs and teachers return to the classroom post COVID-19, contact us to establish a plan to ensure teachers have resources to support students with positive learning experiences.

Dr. Crouch is certified in Time To Teach©! Classroom Management and Student Engagement and Motivation(SEAM), Differentiated Instruction as a National Trainer and stands ready to assist your local program or local school district with strategies aimed at ENCOURAGEMENT, EMPOWERMENT, AND EXCELLENCE in every classroom. Time To Teach is available for preschool and K-12 classrooms, whereas, SEAM is available for grades K-12. To learn more, contact We Train Educators today. My services are customized to meet your program's specific needs. I will work collaboratively with you and your teachers throughout the entire process toward achieving measurable results in teacher effectiveness aimed at improving classroom management that leads to increasing student achievement.

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