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The Path to Success

Needs assessments are undertaken not only to identify the gap between “what is” and “what should be” but also to identify the programmatic actions and resources that are required to address that gap. We bring expertise to administer surveys, conduct focus groups, and other methods to analyze and assess the need for services and strategic placement of services aimed at informed decision-making. Additionally, we can support your program by integrating data analytics into your program management with ways you can use your program data to improve decision-making and inform classroom instruction. By instituting a system for reviewing your program data you can pinpoint the strengths and challenges into the myriad of activities taking place in your school and respective early childhood setting. Partner with us to develop questions aimed at assessing program effectiveness, gaps in service areas, and for understanding where your students are in their learning. The value of data analytics and needs assessments are essential to the work you do. By doing so, we can train your team on how to get the most out of your data and improve decision-making and program quality, such as:

  • Training for local school boards and governing bodies 

  • Evaluating data from classroom observations

  • Designing professional development strategies

  • Identifying gaps in meeting the needs of families in your service area

Needs Assessments & Data Analytics: Services
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